The Outdoor Rescue Network

Broken a spoke out in the hills? Twisted your ankle running? You can hardly call the emergency services, but it's a long walk home. Use the rescyoume app to let us know you're in trouble and we'll find a friend to help you out.

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How does it work?

Download the app and use it to sign into Facebook or Strava. When you need help, use the app to send your location to rescyoume, where the service will find your friends and ask them for help. When someone volunteers, it will put you in contact and give them directions to you.

Why don't I just call my partner?

Of course you should. If they can help, rescyoume will send them your location by text, complete with navigation instructions. And if you don't have that special person, or they can't help, we'll save you working through your address book until you find someone who can.

How do you find my friends?

You login to rescyoume with Facebook or Strava and we find them there.

What if none of my friends can help?

Maybe Brad's friend Steve could help? We'll widen the search through your connections to get you home. If that fails we'll give you the option to try other rescyoume members in the area, keeping your details private until you're happy.

Is it safe?

Your safety is of paramount importance. By default, we'll only reveal your location to your friends or their friends. If none of these can help we'll ask your permission before widening the search, and obscure your location until you're happy. See also our privacy policy.

What are my obligations?

We use the app to let you know when fellow athletes need help in your area. You're not obliged to accept, but it would be nice if you did.

What will it cost?

The app is free to install. Once the service is established we'll charge an annual subscription of less than the cost of the beer that you should buy the person who picks you up.

What about mobile coverage?

The app sends details of your problem by text message. If you have no signal at all you're on your own, but it will work without mobile data.

Other Questions?

Ask us, or just download the app and try it out.

Install the App For Free

rescyoume is available on Android and iPhone.