rescyoume takes your safety and privacy very seriously. We know that we have your personal data, and knowledge about your location, and we pledge to use this only to serve you and to help others using the service.

We will store profile data that you share with us, and your location when you interact with the service. We won't share your private data with anyone without your permission, except when you use the service to call for help. In this case we will share your location and incident details with your friends on the service, and with their friends if no one can help. If we have to widen the search to other members in the area we will ask your permission first, and obscure your exact location for your safety. In this case we will not divulge contact details other than your name without your permission.

If 3rd parties are interested in data about incidents, for example, local authorities planning cycle routes, we may make this data available in an anonymised form.

We may share your personal data with the emergency services if we believe your safety is in jeopardy.