The rescyoume story

rescyoume was conceived in June 2014, when Budgie Johnson and I went out on what should have been a 180km ride for his Ironman and my JOGLE training.

At about 95km in Budgie got a puncture. He was riding tubs, and this was the first time that he’d had to change one. But the rain had cleared up and the sun was out, so the half an hour it took to tape a new tyre on was quite pleasant.

The rest of the ride was quite uneventful until 180km. We’d had another very cold shower, the sun was going down, we were both getting tired, and we still had 20km to go. So Budgie got another puncture.

With no-one available to come out to us we were stuck. He took off his shoes and started to walk, and I left him to ride home to pick up my car.

On the way it struck me that we had lots of friends in the area who could have come to help us, but our problem was not knowing who was free. It would have taken longer to ring round than to ride home. And yet if a fellow cyclist or runner was in trouble and I had the time I’d come out to them, if only I knew where they were.

By the time I’d ridden home, had a cup of tea and a hot shower*, and driven back to Budgie, he had walked over a mile through inch-thick sleet on the road. He was cold, tired and hungry. But I had something to do for the summer - a collaborative rescue service for cyclists and runners.

* Not really